xuan loc, vietnam 1969

Group of marines with M-16 rifles ride atop an M67A3 flame-thrower tank moving across the bushy area. Take Care, nice to hear from you. Be sure to watch those PSA levels in your annual blood check. Stayed with them until late July 68. Thanks. Terms & Conditions | results. well Sir y0u beat me to retirement. He said, didnt they tell you, You are in charge. lol. Used to stay at the continental hotrlbin saugon when i had time off. I was destined for 3 Corps. [1], The 11th ACR had its headquarters at Blackhorse from March 1967 until January 1969.[2]. I was RTO @ Blackhorse at the time. You mean Hey 1 is a freeway? Sir, I am former CPT Zumwalt. I know exactly what you are talking about with the stress from higher hq. The only problem with this assignment was that on the night of May 17/18, 1969 the North Vietnamese Army attacked the base with sappers, mortars, and rockets. Keep this brand new 1LT out of some trouble but got me into more. Took a jeep out to the crash site. I assume from your use of was that he has passed on. All the best, For Marv Zumwalt (Captain) Several years ago I found a site devoted to the An Loc Battle. Yes-I did. If not, do you know who it was? Sent to Nui Chui Chan, Hill 837, in March 70. Anyway Take Care Stay Safe. David W. Patton. Didnt get to the compound much except when they showed Patton. Sr Adv Col Tuberty may be the only one. I have photos of my dads from 1966 that I would like to get to someone who could get them to their family members. I hope it is all right to post this response but I was searching for information for my family tree and found this site when looking for information on Dougs service in Vietnam. Yep, it was total destruction, but thought I might at least see what was built to replace where camp was. When I saw your post I wanted to let you know. Any info from yourself of anyone who worked with the EMUs would be appreciated and acknowledged. Now it looks like quarterly monitoring, plus Lupron injection 2X annually. [1] The 11th ACR had its headquarters at Blackhorse from March 1967 until January 1969. Bill Coleman, Zoomie, trying to make contact again. Do you remember our Cpt. A nasty piece of work with short man complex. I was the G4 advisor from January til June 71, The G4 was LTC Xuan. Sharee was able to travel to Denver to see her Granddaughter get married and visit with her daughter and son. My first mortar attack was about week after I got there. Hopefully no snow or fires slowing us down. I am pretty sure that you, Ronnie Jenkins and I were on the compound at the same time. It was a crazy time. I do remember the OClub, because that is where I got my Captains bars which were presented to me by Col Coleman at the bottom of a glass of bourbon. When our name comes up on the waiting list, we move back into the other county and do all the registrations over again. However, my Dad was 6-1 tall and and 44 years old. List of allied military operations of the Vietnam War (1969), Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of allied military operations of the Vietnam War (1970), "By Sea, Air and Land, An illustrated history of the U.S. Navy and the War in Southeast Asia", "U.S. I was a senior advisor to the 52d Ranger Bn 67-68 in Xuan Loc. There was also a golf course next to the runway. Would love to hear from anyone that knew him / worked with him. For Dennis Gulakowski; When I left the 18th ARVN in December 71, the SA was Col Plummer. 18th ARVN Xuan Loc.. Geoff Barker gtblx@aol.com Maybe Evans.) How close was your base to the runway? He was reassigned to QM, and I was in a Supply Management class with him. The Col expanded the perimeter and got wooden hooch with canvas tent covering and parachute ceiling. I was shipped to Walter Reed in DC in May. What a jolt! Prior to that I only received email about things I had commented on. He was supposedly getting out of a jeep and had his M16 by the barrel. with the 2nd batt 43rd inf reg of the 18th in 1968 at about 1230 hrs do any of you men remember that action. SSG Maauel Barrera was KIA in September 1967. Was there during Tet 68. I am totally retired now, after 28 years in the Army active and reserve, & 25 years working for a Defense Contractor. Green, SGT. We found 35 ARVN soldiers and 2 advisors dead, 71 ARVN soldiers and 1 advisor wounded. I was there in June 65 when the wire was 6 feet from the chicken coop barrack s. Col Ridenbaugh enlarged the compound to have wooden framed tents. Was the Deca tower up back then? Yes it was Lt Keith. 10th Division Cof S was a Colonel Nimh. Phone # 719-561-4749, E-Mail: dangriff8@msn.com I was a Captain when I served with your father and retired as a Major. I got there June 65 as Security Guard. Just found this site. Lol. I used to to ne an interpreter for American advisority team 87. Privacy Policy | Links I said What, why? I was there 71-72 left April or so. Arnold Apple, Smith the clerk, Zoomie, Geoff Michaud, and Col. Scarborough. I would appreciate it. The South Vietnamese air force provides helicopter support and airstrikes, including the use of massive cluster and "Daisy Cutter" bombs and a CBU-55B fuel-air bombthe first one ever used in combat. pertaining to MAJ Turner and SGT Green, this what I wrote MAJ Turner and SGT Green, Advisors to the1st Bn were killed but they could never get MAJ Turners body back. It was my understanding that SGT Green was shot in the groin area-the bleeding could not be stopped and he bled out. RUSTY. We seldom travel any distance and have invited all our relatives to visit us. My unit was the one that linked up twitch their unit the morning after they were killed. Vietnamese discover mass graves of victims of Viet Cong atrocities committed against residents of Hue during the 1968 Tet offensive. I was a Rdo Opr. The new SA was Col Plummer and he used all combat branch officers as Infantry on operations with the 48th. Thanks Ray Godfrey, Ray I sure was glad that person gave me a couple of Barf Bags ha I actually got out the Army in 71 and went into the AF spent 21 years in it Thanks to you AF guys. (LogOut/ Hope all is well with you, All of a sudden I am receiving every comment placed on the Team 87 and/or Team 49 site. Slow healing so I go to a wound clinic every Friday. Sorry to say I dont remember any names either. More than 1,500 communist troops attack U.S. and South Vietnamese camps near Xuan Loc, located 38 miles east of Saigon. Dad passed away in 2015 (June) of Lung Cancer- and I found out through a few guys that served with him that he earned two Silver Stars during his time in Vietnam. The traffic was backed up all the way to Bien Hoa CITY. All I only blame our government. This was in the Lang Gha river bridge general area-stretching 5-10 clicks east/west and north/south. Getting harder to remember names, but do remember LT. Wolfe, & Capt. 1,487 views. Hope you are well. Glad see your post. See things have changed a lot and I dont even know how to post a message now! 1st Battalion 83rd Artillery. Seems like if more people understood the true nature of war we might have fewer of them. He was a tough-as-nails E7. He was a Black guy, and a great help to us all. He lives in Melbourne. I ended up on recruiting duty for three years then switched to Combat Engineers. By 72 I had been gone three years. Since I my branch was Artillery, I went with COL Steele when he visited War Zone D. Seems a lot of our Artillery was dispersed to those old fire bases along the Cambodia border. I was a Spc 5 as well. Was with AT#87, 68-69, senior advisor to 4/48th for most of the time. Was 51 years ago for me. Wish I was better with names for the guys outside of the cav. We took a Jeep, in the dark, to see it and back. For Joe, I was only in Team 87 a few months (Dec 71 Apr 72). Yes, I believe it was in August. Hey Jerry, I remember you. We may have met. When I had about 2 months left in country I was sent back to Tay Ninh province to set up a forward relay site on Nui Ba Din ( Black Virgin Mountain) until my tour was up in May 71. I had an RTO named GROUT from Sparks, NV. I was a radioteletype operator. Still have thoughts of the camp and all that went on. Siegel, a draftee, arrived in Vietnam in June 1969, and served with 2nd Civil Affairs Company, based at Xuan Loc east of Saigon. It shocked us all when we found out that he had died. Congratulations on your Bronze Star. Zoomie is one of my friends. Living the dream!! Zombie visited with me and family here in Arizona. The Quan Loi Base Camp was established in 1966 for the 1st Infantry Division, in the general area were also other large bases such as Lai Khe Base Campand Phuoc Vinh Base Camp. I did 5 months at Valley Forge after I was wounded with the 101st in may of 70. Never went back and really dont want to. My wife is a rock. My memory is lousy about too much, but I remember too much as well. I remember Sgt. HEC. Arrived team 87 late September 67. All structured data from the file namespace is available under the. They put me in Admin. Do you remember the Doc that got assigned to the compound ? Thanks for asking. This page is not available in other languages. Two companies of the Army's 199th Light Infantry Brigade are slogging along a trail leading out of the forest where they have just had a bloody encounter . Ed Bailey took over as SA to 1/43rd ARVN in January from me. John Landry then at the 11th Cav and was routed to the Suoi Cat attack by the VC on 2nd December 1966. My dad Capt. I WAS WITH THIS UNIT MAY 69 TO DEC 70. Exactly where was that camp/ Xuan Loc, Gia Ray? Bill Coleman. Army aviation platoon. Yet Got stuck with the guys up on the mountain relay site for a few days. village Xa Binh Hoa) on QL20 for about 24 hours.. I dont remember an airfield at all As I remember Highway 20 ran N and S. We would have left highway 20 on the E side. Think I left in the spring 72, Actually LTC Patton told me he was adopted by the Patton family from England after WWII. Interesting reading. Servered wgith G-3 TOC and I&R G-2. Ruined many a good officers career. 1969 in the Vietnam War; Xun Lc Base Camp; Usage on vi.wikipedia.org Cn c Xun Lc; Usage on www.wikidata.org Q19841064; Structured data. As a sidelight about Bob: I told him that he reminded me of someone but I couldnt come up with a name. Do you remember what date that was that they hit the airfield? I said, why do you ask? Incense burning. I hope that this clears it up and gives some closure to SGT GReens family. Items portrayed . He pilled up a lot of NVA that night with his M 16 that kept jamming. I am not on Facebook. Some said he did it to himself because of personal problems. Edward- under the website guidelines revealing the names of counterparts is not recommended unless they post their names first. I pray that J R (old Roy) Kennedy. He was 43 years old and not in top physical condition as best I could tell. Let me know when and what you were there for. The Japanese Ambassador makes a speech at a podium. (This happened before my time though.) John Gillham, Sam I was the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the ARVN 10th Div from Nov 19, 1965 Jul 1966. I miss them all. Served a total of 23 years active. have had a stroke, but have good memories of Xuan Loc and AB8AO I need to look at some maps. If anyone or anything can be found who knew of him and his demise would be appreciated. He was not receptive to the suggestion and stayed. When TET hit, it was a wild and wholly time for about 4 days. Went there frequently. Do you recollect direction you went to link up with Johns unit? I remember thatbit was a combined group with Navy and Air Force guys, most were I &R. I left to go up to TOC 18th ARVN, G-3, but wound up in I & R. Tm 87 was for the 18th Div Xuan Loc and its units in 3Corps. They built the cinder bhlock commo center when I was there. Wellton is about 15 miles over the mountains from the east side of Yuma. Ronnie and I were both from the Atlanta, Ga. area and got together many times after the service. I just missed the bomb attack on the saigon floating restaraunt by a couple days. Paul Norris. Thanks. I loved those concrete Poles, they were easy to climb. I remember flying into a fire base near the Parrots Peak (cant remember which ARVN unit since I was with the ARTY), but never going into Chu Chi (25th ARVN HQ). Service History Note: The veteran served as a combat medic. Anyways nice to hear from someone who was at the same place and the same time. Glad to hear you are doing well. I was on the top when Husky let lose with their 175s it shook the crap out of the the Com-Tower. Alpha Bravo 8 Alpha Oscar AB8AO 67-68 LTC but always Captain P to us. I was an Australian navy pilot who flew with the 135AHC out of Camp Blackhorse 1968. The vehicle turns and moves out. My email is lucasholt99@icloud.com if you wouldnt mind email. The outdoor theater was built in early 1966. Great to see your still kicking! My name is Edward Yava and everyone called me Chief. My first exposure to actual mortar attack. After most of advisors were pulled from 48th to Tay Ninh while 18th was in cambodia i worked with all of the battalion at 48th and then toc and chopper pad airfield at Xuan Loc and latter with the sensor group. Sgt [E-4] Zoomie here [aka Dennis Dieckman] Intelligence Operations Specialist with USAF FAC TEAM KENNY CONTROL, call sign Kenny Zero One Alpha, July 1967-Sep 1969. Located on National Highway 1 leading out of Ho Chi Minh City, it is most notable for the battle of Xun Lc, which took place in April 1975. The Col made changes with tents with wooden floors. There were 1700 of us in the whole country back then and we were para military. Indeed Lu Lan was CG of the 10th Division. Looking forward to having a second try at finding the old Xuan Loc camp next month. I have read the story about your close call while with the 52nd in March (Captain). We were childhood friends in East Tennessee, and I would like to know more about his tour in the Nam. My name is Ray Godfrey . Yep scared the u know what out of me! I remember Major Tarno and Col Ridenbaugh. Thank you, this actually helps a lot. Put Johnson and Ho Chi in a ring with spears and may the best man win. I was with the signal unit at Xuan Loc from June 67 until June 68. Doug. Marv Zumwalt doesnt remember me and I dont remember him. LtCol Patton with Team 87 43rd RCAT was David Patton nephew of George S. He wasnt a bad guy. I was sent home after 2 months on that hill. 65-65 June to April. I was MACV tdy to there. Bob Pickron is my Uncle. Hi Ray, I had the honor to meet some of You Aussies while I was there during 68-69. My uncle will not talk about his time in the war which I totally understand, thanks for anything you can come up with. I guess I spent too many days and nights in the woods, enough to last a lifetime, so camping out is not my cup of tea. 120 in the summer but 70-80 winter. Walt.,.Yes, This is the SAME John Landry from Class of 1962, USMA. Wife is an excellent driver. Life goes on. III Corp I didnt think much about Agent Orange. lol. Several other E5 or lower besides myself.Capt. Advisor Team had over 75% casualties but no body killed. As the action continued a unit of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment arrived and engaged the VC. The base is abandoned and turned over to housing and farmland. knew him well at xuan loc area he was kia may 1969 east of nui chua chan, Sorry to heard about your bout with cancer. I was short and had glasses. Medic was MSG Higgins and there was an advisor. I talked to the LTCs wife after his death. Second marine lying on the ground. Some had blue and grey uniforms and some just in brown and grey. They are everywhere, dont remember seeing so many last year. He is my father and was there from Dec. 65- Dec. 66. military team 87. Pappy was an interesting guy. We moved out about 1700-moved about 2 miles. I believe it was around 320 feet. Years later the FBI tracked me down as the revolver was used in an attempted assassination of Marcos in the Philippines. During the interval since 2017 I have relocated to the Arizona High Desert Country (off grid) and it required quite an attitude adjustment!! Thank you for this info. He and I got along very well. Hope your life went well. Much appreciated, General Nazzaro converses with Lieutenant General Herman Nickerson and Lieutenant General Xuan Lam. Never know who we might run into, I was the S1 driver (Maj Nichols? He came to America with his mother as a refugee from Czechoslovakia in 1956 when he was six years old. Many thanks for your service! Walt Ginger returned to the team after that but he was never right mentally I figured. Contact at crossmanred@aol.com. R. Wolfe. Most of my time was forward as both the G4 Adviser and sporadically as Artillery Adviser for the first 6 months. A beautiful view. Please have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. In 1970 he was on recon but did not get to tell me where, but that was when he was serving his second term 1970/1971 at Rach Gia again. thank you men for your imput I messed up on the patch it was the lighting bolt crossed with the blooiy hachet he also was in that when they were ambushed my dad and sgt Dalton were on hwy one . Some VC penetrated the perimeter, but were driven back by the artillerymen. I was from WV,but I now leave in Naples,FL, Did you know Jackie C. Walker, 1st Lt? Just chatting on here has brought a lot of stuff back. was captured near the fire support base between Tay Ninh and Krek. He was a part of the 2nd Battalion, 35th Artillery, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery. I always wanted to contact him in later years. I remember the MARS station, and the antenna we had on the tower. Knew Skip well and ran into him in early 1975 when he was at DIA. East of Cu Chi was our/my original stomping ground. Contact Us | Thank you! Lost all mine during baggage transfer to CONUS. One in Gia Ray in that firefight and the other in An Loc. Ring any bells? It was called an accidental shooting but I am not so sure. Have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The movie came to team base camp while we were all together. I have a few follow-up questions. Lots of walking in jungle, through villages, and rubber plantations searching for a pretty elusive foe. Ron, the deputy was me, Dave Prybyla. Best cream of chicken soup i have ever had! Coffin opened and woman looks at remains. If it helps he was also at Tet Offensive 2/19/68. It is not me. Richard. They built a little hut for a bar after i was there for a while. (AP Photo) Done. Before I found out who she was, the first words out of my mouth were, WTF! We were under a French house that was built off the ground. I cant imagine the compound being that improved! Vietnamese civilians dig and on March 27, 1969 they begin to uncover bodies in the sand which show signs of torture. LeMoyne Walkins, I am Spec 4 Donald (Lee) Clemons. Long ago and far away . David Pasco, Give me a bit of time. Not so much mud there. What a loss.Stayed in 3 more years but got RIFD along with all the other Infantry Captains. Was there from 1 dec 68 thru 1 mar 69. I have a good memory and every once in awhile, a name pops up. "Headquarters MACV Monthly Summary May 1969", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Xun_Lc_Base_Camp&oldid=1063480743, Installations of the United States Army in South Vietnam, Installations of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, Buildings and structures in ng Nai province, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 3 January 2022, at 08:38. I will never forget him Cancer was not the slow moving, but rather the aggressive type. Privacy Policy2023 CriticalPast LLC. Last year I had my driver go up the big hill where I believe all the signal equipment was sited. Big relief as you can imagine. Sent to Nui Chui Chan, Hill 837, in March 70. I was Bn Senior Advisor Nov 68 Oct 69. I know I was sent there for a day or so until LTC Ginger could be sent from Tay Ninh. Dennis Zoomie Diekman passed away due to complications of cancer. Sorry but names have never been my strong suit so you will remind me.You must be the guy I took on his first trip to Saigon. And returned to fly Bird Dogs and Mohawks That was a long, long night! I have added you to my prayer list. We did not hook up with the 1st because we ran into the enemy also. The 43rd lead the way followed by the 48th and went back into Cambodia and the 48th back to Trien Ngon( The old SF Base just South of the border). For Marv Zumwalt, Thanks for the reply. Anyhow, for everyones consideration Id much appreciate some accurate coordinates for location of the 18th American base camp. Thank you for sharing. The new SA was Colonel Plummer and he though the Vietnamese Artillery didnt need much advise and used the two of us as Infantry advisers with a seasoned Infantry Sergeant. Hi Doug Took over as SA in November. The camp was located on the main highway, QL-2 (now QL-56) 13km southwest of Xun Lc and 28km north of Nui Dat. Very difficult terrain and was raining hard off and on. I was with Team 87 from September 1967 until I was wounded at Gia Ra in August 1968, when our compound was overrun. After talking to him for a while, I suggested that it might be a good time for him to take a break from Vietnam maybe return to the states for a year, then back to Vietnam if thats what he wanted to do. Please contact me at romero5@cox.net if you have any info you would/could share. Phil, This is Dave Prybyla. The doctor was Snyder and the medic was Turner. Col. Chuck Ridenbaugh was the Senior Advisor. I was there with you!! His mother died in 1976, and there were no relatives in the United States. Sgts. Thanks again. I remember the adviser to the I and R company but cant think of his name. Nothing like George in the movie but there were only the five of us so it wasnt a big command thing. Sp4 Koblitska (foreground) and Sp4 Felix Gonzales, of Puerto Rico, partially hidden by foliage in triple canopy jungle north of Fire Base Libby, Xuan Loc, 1969 On patrol, Long Khan Province, Xuan Loc, 1969. He did not die in Bien Hoa but in the general area listed above. NVA sappers were stopped less than 100 yards from that bunker. The perimeter was compromised but was driven out by artillerymen. I went back in 1980 or there abouts and was frankly amazed at the transformation of the town, but more to the topic at hand, had an opportunity to talk with some of the town folks from back in the day about what happened to them (those that would talk) after 75; The road between Xuan Loc and Saigon (Hoi Chi Minh City) was not so terrifying now, the rubber plantations not so deep and forboding, and the rice fields up around Plantation (near Bien Hoa) where II Field Force HQs used to be, were now covered over, or had beaucoup construction vehicles and speeding was frowned upon! The marines stand, walk and sit. email me at davidpasco@att.net also with a mailing address. Gia Ray was the rock crusher site.was not Xuan Loc. just wondering? I hope you find the Captain who pinned your bronze star! Got a Spooky and broke up the attack there. ), north of Vung Tau. Just stumbled onto this site. Even had a few drinks in the EM club. Start prep classes for dialysis next week. I worked from Miami to Texas to Chula vista, CA then Port Angeles, WA to Alaska and the Bering Sea. Good afternoon, does anyone remember 1Lt Jackie C (Carroll) Walker. Enjoy. Thanks for the reply but a bit before our time . They ran out of ammo. howardmccosh6x6@yahoo.com or chilangtoankhe@gmail.com [Chi Lang to An Khe]. Somebody set me straight, please! Do any of you remember the Native American who was at 18th Div YOC and went on misdions eith the I&R. Fifty years. You mention moving out about 2-miles (or clicks) during the night. Activities of "F" Company, 2nd Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, during Operation Thor , in the Vietnam War. I have a couple of Mitcham photos taken in the MESS. Mr. Willbanks: Im a volunteer with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund effort to find photos of all men who died in Vietnam for the Wall of Faces. Only a few hundred photos are yet to be found. Maj (R) Dick Thoma, Aloft 27. I remember we were excess about 100 people that filled in some of the support elements. I was with the 4/43d. Wont be attending the reunion. US Army. Glad to see you survived, Dear Mr Bob Morse ! I have some contact info if you would like it. Hope same for you. Have not had any contact other you from the time i was there Sept 65 to april 66. I was attached from the39 signal Batallion. I remember that he was in charge of the girls working the PX. A radio operator drinks from his plastic canteen. Lee and SSGT Bang who are interpreter for LTC. When he came in, I reverted to my normal position as deputy SA. They suffered multiple KIA/WIA. That waiting list was to be 6 months to a year. I interacted with the 52nd periodically, but primarily with the Arty Battalion. Am still in contact with Dave White (LTG Ret), who was 18th Division Signal Offcer; and with Lt Mark Scully my #2 in 4/48th. Hightowers posting but the timing, name and rank seem too much to be a coincidence. He got me into flight school. He is listed as a 52B30 Power Generation Equipment Operator with Adv Team 87. Hope that Ive got the right man for you. Sgt Zoomie Xuan Loc JUL 67-SEP 69, Thank you four reply. So long ago. During the reporting period, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery Maintained a base camp at XUAN LOC, RVN, YT472096. Were all pretty old now. I remember an E-5 in Tay Ninh who brought his wife and child to live near him in town. Did you know Lt Collier personally, or well? Rusty, I have had .any different maladies from my tour in Vietnam. I had some experience in the I&R field and helped out the Div I&R company until a company grade officer (cannot recall the Cpt name) advisor showed up. I was at Tay Ninh, TM 87, from 10/70 until 9/71 as G-2 Staff Officer. Ha. I read this on line Heard he was imitating Senior. A Marine friend just relocated from CA to near Prescott. My unit was the one that made initial contact with LT Colliers unit after they were attacked and he and SSG Cobb were killed. Dennis.Ive made two long trips back in last two years. Your father loved milk shakes and had one almost every evening that we spent together at Xuan Loc. Doug I am looking at a set of orders that puts me in Xuan Loc with the 10th Inf Ad Det on 19 Nov 65 w/ DEROS 26 Apr 66. I always remember in operation with adviser in 52nd rigement when I was there. south cotabato jail reaction paper,

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