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Expand the physical inventory

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Since SCCM 2012, it is possible to extend the hardware inventory graphically, without having to create or edit MOF files. In this example, we want to inventory the Chrome plugins stored in a new WMI class. If you want to see how to inventory them, please see this post. To do this, go to “Administration” then “Client Settings“. Then edit the default client settings. Go to “Hardware inventory” then “Manage classes“.

Click on “Add” and then on “Connect“. Then indicate the workstation on which you have added a WMI class. The list of classes will load and you should see yours. Check the corresponding box and click on “OK“.

To quickly find your new class in the inventory, you can run a “Computer Strategy Recovery and Evaluation Cycle“. After a few minutes, run a hardware inventory cycle. You will then see the new class come up.

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