Optimize Business Outcomes

Digital Workspace, Inc. helps OEM's, VAR's and End-User's optimize the buy-sell experience while modernizing the data center by aligning IT with the Business. Digital Workspace, Inc. improves the Buyer and Seller experience by leveraging next generation technology, delivery partners and cognitive analytics.

Enhance how People Work

Offer higher value experiences and enhance how people work and improve their impact on the business.

New Dimension of Optimization

Combine: Physical World, Human experiences Present day metrics, objectives, millions of project outcomes with customized, machine learning. Clients gain access to advisory, comparative, vendor neutral solution assessments, design considerations and delivery alternatives.

Benefit from Cognitive and Industry Analytics

Elevate current expertise, process and standards with comparative analytics based upon millions of similar scenarios and desired outcomes.

Relevance with a First Mover Advantage

Decades of use cases, insight into intellectual property, cognitive analytics and harness products, services, and experiences with a global vendor and alliance ECO system network.

Humanize your Results

Research, test, select and deploy with an excellent, efficient, optimized buyer / seller experience.

We Can Help…

Leverage Digital Workspace as a subject matter expertise offering clarity of Enterprise IT challenges and initiatives while transforming people, infrastructure and applications towards agile, secure, modern delivery of technology services.

Invest into Custom IP

Develop customized IP leveraging Digital Workspace's IP, tools, advisory and delivery services.

Data Driven Insights

Harness expertise from people, infrastructure and applications. Monetize data driven insights and illuminate future state “best known good”!​

Digital Workspace Offerings

Digital aligns with Next Generation Elite Partners offering simplicity & world-class expert resources solving Enterprise IT challenges for companies people, infrastructure and applications.

Data Center Modernization

Advisory Consulting for Cloud and Data Center vendor selection and testing.

Converged Transformation

Commit to LOB and Enterprise IT data gathering sessions and receive a Converged Transformation Report

Enterprise IT Advisory Services

Eliminate the guesswork, risk and cost of enterprise IT initiatives by simplifying the complex with data driven insights, analytics and results

Cloud Readiness Assessment

To help organizations to understand the value from cloud initiatives while addressing security, and compliance concerns, Digital Workspace offers its Cloud Readiness Assessment, as part of its Converged Orchestration Solutions practice.

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Are You Secure… New York’s NEW DFS Cybersecurity Regulations In less than 180 days, New York will begin enforcing a new regulatory requirement entitled 23 NYCRR 500, which states that Financial Services Companies along with their vendors will need to implement Cybersecurity protocols to be compliant.  What does that mean for your organization?  If you […]

Welcome to Digital Workspace

Digital Workspace, Inc. would like to welcome you to our new website. We are in the process of reconstructing our website to offer our clients a more comprehensive and engaging experience. We will be live during this process so you can see the progress as it happens. Please allow us the opportunity to apologize for […]