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Intune client-side logs

This is a memo article listing all the Intune log and report locations that may help with some error resolution.

Diagnostic Report

A diagnostic report can be generated on the client side from Settings > Work & School Access > Connected to Azure AD from > Info > Create Report.

The report will be saved in :

C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\MDMDiagnostics\MDiagReport.html

Logs Intune Management Extension

Information about the IME settings can be found in the registry :


The MSI itself can be found here, along with an installation log:


Note: If you disconnect a device from Azure AD and reconnect it, you will need to reinstall the MSI as it will have a different device ID.

The IME logs can be found here:


The logs are :

  • AgentExecutor
  • ClientHealth
  • IntuneManagementExtension

Intune logs when running scripts

When a PowerShell script is run on the client from Intune, the scripts and their results are stored here, but only until the end of the run:

  • C:Program files (x86)Microsoft Intune Management ExtensionPoliciesScripts
  • C:Program files (x86)Microsoft Intune Management ExtensionPoliciesResults

A transcript of the script execution can be found under C:showmewindows (a hidden folder).

The complete contents of the script will also be recorded in the IntuneManagementExtension.log file.

The error code and the result of the script can also be found in the registry :


Event logs

There are several MDM event logs that you can find here:

Application & Service Logs > Microsoft > Windows > DeviceManagement-Enterprise-Diagnostics-Provider


The IME runs as a service called “Microsoft Intune Management Extension”. You can restart it to force a check for new policies.

Scheduled task

The IME runs a health assessment every day as a scheduled task, and logs the results in the ClientHealth.log file:

Microsoft > Intune > Intune Management Extension Health Assessment

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