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How to deploy SCCM Remote Control (Cmrcviewer)

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Hotline and local support teams almost always need a remote control tool to support users and provide solutions. Free or paid software is used. In companies using SCCM, administrators and engineers can sometimes be reluctant to provide the whole console only to give access to the remote control tool. Fortunately, it is possible to deploy the Cmrcviewer tool without the console. Indeed, the remote control tool is “detachable”.

To get started, go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\i386”.

Copy the following files and folders into a new folder:

  • 0000040C
  • 00000409
  • CmRcViewer.exe
  • RdpCoreSccm.dll

Once copied in a new folder, run CmRcViewer.exe to test, you will see that the tool runs. You can then deploy the folder as is and create a shortcut for it, or create an MSI package.

Note that users of the tool will still need to have “Remote Tool Operator” rights to function properly. Also keep in mind that when the console is updated, the control tool can also be updated, so remember to update the machines that only have the tool.

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