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PXE boot error 0x80072f8f : how to fix it?

When attempting to boot into PXE, nothing happens and the machine eventually reboots. On the screen, it is possible that no error message is displayed. When you scan the SMSPXE.log, you may see the following line: PXE::MP_InitializeTransport failed; 0x80072f8f. This article will help you to quickly solve this error 0x80072f8f.


From one day to the next, the PXE can stop working. You can test several models, you will always get the same result. PXE will not work and your machine will reboot. For guidance, go to the server used for PXE and open the SMSPXE.log. If you find the error 0x80072f8f, it means that the communication is protected by a certificate, and that this one has probably expired.

Resolution of error 0x80072f8f

On the server used for PXE, open “Manage computer certificates”. In the folder containing the certificates, right click and select “Request a new certificate“.

If your organisation provides enrolment policies, click Next. Otherwise you will need to create your certificate.

Once the certificate has been created, you must export the created certificate to the primary server. Right click on the certificate and select Export. Then export the certificate including the private key. Once exported, move your certificate to the primary server.

Open an SCCM console, go to Administration then Servers and Site System Roles. Find your server, click on it and then underneath open the Distribution point role properties. Go to the Communication tab. In the certificate field, click Browse and then search for the new certificate. Then enter the password and click OK.

After this manipulation, the PXE should be active again.


The error 0x80072f8f is actually quite simple to solve, as it is simply a matter of renewing the expired certificate. The problem is that it can block production and slow down the process of creating machines. It may be worth setting up alerts for certificates about to expire. Weekly reporting can also do the trick.

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